Q& A in Standard and Online Casinos

Some of the frequently asked questions in standard and online casinos are as follows

If Casino is fair

Before choosing casino, we might want to know if the casinos are fair in their games by not robbing the players by increasing the winning edge for the house than the normal allowed percentage.

Regulated by jurisdiction

All the casinos needs to be regulated by a reputed jurisdiction which is generally the state government where the casino is located.

Is money safe

When the state controlled or regulated casinos are chosen, the money will be safe for the player. They can always claim the money which they won or the money which wasn’t used in games.

Casino Payout Percentage

This refers to the percentage decided by the casino to payout from the wagered amount to be returned to the player when he wins the game.

Bonus Wagering

This is the amount that is paid out in addition to the winning amount on
the account of winning the game. This will be in multiples of the amount

Confidentiality of the Personal Details

In online gambling, while creating an account all the personal information is filled out. This is verified in case of any discrepancies while claiming the price. All these information will be maintained confidentially by the site moderator.

Know Your Customer Policy

Online or standard casinos are legally obligated to know the customer details and to verify the same when they intend to do the business. This also helps to avoid under age gambling.

Problems with Gambling

All the casinos are obliged to responsible gambling. If the customers or casinos finding the customers having problem with the gambling, they need to provide support to the players. The support could be in the form of having in house support team or referring to other third party social support teams.



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